Our mission is to educate, empower, employ and entertain the next generation.

NXG Enterprises’s Mission Statement aims to

  • Provide employment and skills opportunities to the individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Offer a platform for creative talent to flourish
  • Produce cutting edge media productions

The underlying principle at the core of our business is to be a force for good, utilising our influence and resources to help develop solutions to some of the social issues and challenges faced by young people today. The company’s goal is to become an established brand for creative media & enterprise training and be at the forefront of “breaking new talent” in the creative industry whilst producing cutting edge media productions.

Our core objectives include:

  • Equip the next generation of leaders and workforce with the necessary skills to maximise their potential and make a full contribution to industries across the UK
  • Provide opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in real life settings and empower young people to take steps towards a meaningful life and career
  • Develop and main our reputation as an entertainment company at the forefront of talent scouting and artist development
  • Identify and develop services, enterprises and products in line with our vision of educating, empowering, entertaining and employing the next generation